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I always thought About Me’s were kinda like reading menus So, hopefully, you’ll wanna take a bite and ask for a side of avocado.

Erin Rachel Doppelt (often times I pronounce Rachel like Rah-KH-el, the name or KH is a gurgle in the back of the throat honors my lineage, try sounding it out!) I travel around the world helping people full of the BULL shift to feeling free and whole. My clients range from corporate businesses to crunchy nonprofits. I lead a retreat or immersive leadership trainings most weeks and spend the other days completing my Masters at Columbia University. Plus Plus, I spearhead a peace project for Columbia University researching international experiences and their curriculum as it relates to conflict resolution and how to create and build safe spaces to facilitate moments of meaning.

I reached this point in my life after spending significant amount of time soul searching and living throughout The Middle East and South East Asia. I lived in many Ashrams and spiritual centers, met some radical people and studied up on emotional intelligence and positive psychology.

I also found meditation.

And if you thought drugs/sex/alcohol/relationships were fun, then darling, take a walk with me, or rather



Sit your ass down

And lets meditate

Meditation helped me grow from freaked out, insecure, and overly emotional to peaceful, centered, present and calm. This shift was the greatest gift.

In authentic truth, I believe I learned a skill that must be shared, especially with the rise of mental illness, and let's be real, we all have complusive (sometimes negative) thought patterns.

Please reach out with any questions, I'd love to share this great work with you!

Walking softly,


Formal Bio

  • Columbia University, New York, Masters Candidate in Clinical Psychology in Spirituality, Mind and Body Institute 2016 Cohort
  • Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach
  • Certified Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance while in Kerala, India
  • Completed 250+ hours of meditation at School of Divine India Ashram
  • Certified Spin Instructor through Maddogg Athletics
  • Israel Educator through the icenter and Shoreshim
Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth. Paulo Coelho

Erin travels around the world leading workshops engrained in meditaiton and mindfulness based off the teachings she learned while living in The Mid East + South East Asia and her Psych Masters studies from Columbia University